Tavit discovered his trait as a photographer in 2008.
Graduating from the prestigious business school at ASUs W.P. Carey, he has taken the basics of entrepreneurship and launched Tavits Photography LLC in the Summer of 2010.
In 2013, with over 6 years of photography experience, Tavit began to be involved with wedding photography.

In Scottsdale, Arizona, Tavit has been regarded as one of the highest acclaimed photographers to have at special events.
With over 7 years of nightlife photography experience, he knows the challenges of a difficult lit room, working under pressure, and keeping on schedule, no matter what situations arise. This has made him invaluable for multiple businesses who aim to show the highest quality of their product.
Tavit has also traveled the world documenting massive festivals for multiple media outlets.
Tavit was the director at the first True Music Festival in Arizona and has  recently been published by The Wall Street Journal.
Besides the musical realm, Tavit has continuously output portrait, engagement, and corporate photo shoots throughout the years.

A word with Tavit,

“I have always wanted to do photography at weddings, but it wasn’t until recently where I have been able to put the proper time into my foundation.
I love the art behind it.
The entire planning process, from how the cake is going to look, the colors to be used, the setting and theme, there is so much planning involved, I want to bring my storytelling style of photography to the wedding table.
My vast experience comes from telling stories from amazing parties, whether it’s a corporate event, or a festival in Puerto Rico – we all know your wedding day is one of the best parties to be at.
I do hope people see my work as something contemporary, traditional, and story based, and captured in a way you didn’t think was possible.”